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Are you having legal issues regarding marriage, adoption, divorce, or are you seeking custody? Do you need an affordable Divorce Attorney in the  Bay Area  who will fight for you? We focus much of our practice on family law, so we can guide you through your issues. A fundamental part of our goal is helping you, our client, to understand the potential issues and legal ramification of divorce and more importantly your rights under California law.


Property Division

Under California laws, most property and debt acquired during a marriage is presumed to be community property unless it can be traced to separate property. For the spouse alleging that an asset is either separate property or has a separate property interest, he or she bears the burden of tracing the separate property source to the community property acquisition or improvement.  It is important to know how to convince a court that property is either community or separate property.


At the Law Offices of Louna Amin, we represent people in a divorce involving complex division of marital property. Before finalizing a divorce, courts must obtain a fair appraisal of community property and debt.


Child Custody

In most circumstances, children benefit from spending time with both parents. We will work to create enforceable parenting plans containing child custody and visitation agreements that uphold the best interests of your child.


Child Support

In child support proceedings it is important to have a qualified attorney who can help you through the formidable process. The court calculates an appropriate child support award using the guidelines as set forth in specific family law statutes. Under special circumstances, a court can deviate from the guidelines by either adding additional support or reducing support amounts below guidelines. Our firm can fight for child support that is fair and reflect your unique situation. We also represents and defends parents in child support enforcement hearings before the Department of Child Support Services.



Alimony or “spousal support” in California is designed to provide the lower-income spouse with money for living expenses. Unlike child support, spousal support payments are often decided upon by the judge’s discretion instead of based on calculations usually set forth by the state when determining child support payments. 


Compassionate Lawyer on your side

We will work tirelessly to protect families in our Bay Area community. We are aware of the emotional nature of many family law matters, and it is our primary goal to help our clients reestablish a safe and secure arrangement after any type of family law dispute. 


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